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Foster children are, on average, two years behind their peers academically.  Retaining facts is a difficult enough task; now imagine frequently changing schools, classrooms, and curriculums.  HMFH intends to fill that education gap for foster children at the Help Mates for Hope Learning Center, which offers an after school learning program that provides a safe and consistent place for students.   

Our program is structured around providing services that help students improve study skills, increase retention of basic concepts, improve self-esteem, and develop a love of learning that is accessible in one-on-one or small group settings.  Students gather into the center to work on homework, math, reading, and writing with our trained volunteers.  Our intensive tutoring program places students in a one-on-one learning environment with certified public teachers in the areas of math, reading, writing, study skills, homework help, state test prep, and SAT/ACT prep.  Students of all ages receive diagnostic assessments to receive help in areas of explicit need.  The HMFH Learning Center helps kids prepare for standardized testing, college and improve study habits.   

Our teachers and tutors enable foster kids to develop effective study and test-taking strategies for school.  HMFH partners with local high school and colleges that offer educational programs to provide practicum and experience for our volunteer tutors.  These dedicated volunteers keep the kids engaged and motivated to learn.  If you are a student, teacher or would like to volunteer at HMFH Learning Center contact us today.  It takes a village to teach a child.


As bleak as the future looks for the children in the foster care system, many of them need is someone they can trust and depend on. At HMFH, we offer a mentoring program to give foster children that supportive link.  


Our dedicated staff of volunteer mentors receives training to help foster children be a standout, showcase leadership, and work smarter, not harder. Foster children will gain invaluable insight beyond their own education and experience. HMFH gives foster children the edge with the support and guidance of a mentor. Whether they need advice or a sounding board, our mentors inspire and guide foster children into looking toward a brighter future. 

Our mentoring program is designed primarily for the benefit of foster children. Mentors are encouraged to begin the relationship with HMFH’s Mentoring Program is designed to provide foster children with access to a support system during critical stages of their academic and career development and exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences. 

Organizational Goals

In classrooms around the nation, students are asked to recall their favorite vacation, event or movie. Unfortunately, many of the students that do not respond are foster children. Foster children are not always privy to these types of experiences. 


Besides not being able to join in the class’s discussion, many foster children struggle with the culturally-biased questions on the standardized tests students must take in school because of their lack of experience. Well, that’s a gap HMFH intends to close with our Experiential Learning program. 

HMFH’s Experiential Learning program creates an opportunity for foster children to engage and to apply academic understandings through hands-on experience, while simultaneously learning new information about the world around them. Through experiential learning, foster children arrive to class eager to share their experiences.


HMFH devotes two weeks of each school year to experiential learning, with students visiting surrounding cities to engage in community service, visit museums and scientific institutions, and engage in activities such as bike riding, hiking, exercising, sports venues, the arts and more.


Experiential Learning

Many projects take students beyond the HMFH Learning Center by partnering with community groups, conducting research at a museum, serving as an intern during the summer, through field trips to fairs, theaters, historical landmarks, cultural/social/political events, and more. 


In addition, HMFH encourages foster children to participate in service organizations like the Boy and Girl Scouts of America and in our Summer Camp program. These activities allow foster children to become aware of how important it is to take time, focus on detail, and approach obstacles with patience. 

In HMFH’s Experimental Learning program, foster children are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills by making connections to the real world. Experiential Learning enables foster children to acquire personal experiences through events in the child’s life to enhance self-awareness, interest, and learning. HMFH is dedicated to offering experiences that help foster children to develop the social skills, which can enhance student motivation and confidence. 


Although most of the events and activities, we visit are either free of charge or low in cost, we are always open to monetary, volunteer or service donations of any kind. If you have an event that you would like to invite us to or an activity for HMFH to participate in, don’t hesitate to visit us online or give us a call.


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