Little Wishes & Summer Camp


Little Wishes

Big dreams start with “Little Wishes.” All children wish upon a star in hopes that one day their dreams may come true. Unfortunately, for many foster children, those that make dreams come true aren’t always the people a part of their lives. 

 Imagine qualifying for the team, but you can’t pay for the equipment or earning a spot in the band, but you don’t have enough money to buy a uniform or making the grades to graduate, but you can’t afford a cap and gown for the commencement exercises or getting the perfect date for the prom, but you can’t buy a dress. These are just some of the challenges children in foster care face.

 At HMFH, we are the dream makers who help foster children overcome these challenges. The Little Wishes programs is designed to provide the funding* for activities that foster children are involved in in their everyday lives. Whether it is money for a school field trip, a gift for a teacher, or sneakers for the track meet, HMFH offers foster children the chance to purchase the items that every child deserves to help them keep up with the social customs of today’s society.

 *All wish request are subject to an application process.

HMFH Summer Camp

There is always debate over the ideal environment in which to raise a foster child. One side that most people may agree on, however, is that a positive amount of social interaction is beneficial toward human development. Peer communication, seeking relationships, character building, and other forms of social interaction can be considered important to learn, especially since they play a role in how people will fare in their lives. Fortunately, one of the benefits of summer camp for children is that it places kids in a safe, enjoyable environment where they can form meaningful memories and bonds with people they have just met. 

To our dedicated staff at HMFH, summer camp is more than a fun vacation. Living, playing and sharing adventures together, camp becomes part of a foster child’s development into a healthy, productive adult. At camp, foster children improve self-confidence and self-esteem, and learn the social skills of positive interaction that stay with them for a lifetime. Whether listening to nature-related presentations on the hiking trails, hearing a Biblical message in chapel at a Christian camp, participating in “focus groups” during a day camp week that learn a specific skill or even just in the increased general interactions with peers, summer camp potentially offers a learning-rich setting for foster kids to dive into. 

At HMFH, we believe that incorporating a stay at summer camp for foster children is a part of expanding the overall educating of our country’s youth in a way that will provide practical results, over time, while creating, once again, a well-rounded and productive citizen. If you believe like we do, please visit us online or call today to help send a foster child to summer camp.