College & Career Planning


College Planning

Statistics promise a bleak future for many of the children in the foster care system. According to statistics, 40 to 50 percent of foster children will never complete high school. Over sixty percent of them will be homeless, go to jail or die within one year of leaving the foster care system at 18 when they “age out.” Currently 30 percent of the homeless in America, some 80 percent of the prison population once were in foster care, and girls in foster care are 600 percent more likely than the general population to become pregnant before the age of 21. 
More than 20,000 children each year never leave the system — they remain in foster care until they “age out.” Our goal at HMFH is to help foster children avoid this destructive cycle of not knowing or having something to do once they reach adulthood. HMFH College and Career Planning program exists for the purpose of preparing foster children for life after foster care. HMFH offers great resources and programs to help foster children believe in their own futures. 

The HMFH College and Career Planning program offers high school age foster children the opportunity to search comprehensive college and career planning websites that will help students throughout the college admissions process. Our staff conducts a college matching session to help foster children find schools that are the right fit for them. The dedicated staff sets up tasks that are assigned to the students to make sure they complete all parts of the college search and application process. Our program offers a database that holds the current lists of scholarships available.

Career Planning

The students take a career interest survey to help them find the majors and careers they might like. Foster children finally get the chance to explore colleges, careers and scholarships or fill out their college applications on the computers available in the HMFH College and Career Planning. At HMFH, we help foster children set and achieve their college and career goals. 

In the college and career planning program, students get the chance to attend college fairs and go on college tours with our staff of volunteers. Our staff offers help on topics like:

  •  Choosing a major or career
  •  How to find a college that’s the “right” fit
  •  Testing Timelines for SATs and ACT
  •  Financial Aid & Scholarships 
  •  Playing Sports in College
  •  Tips on filling out your college admissions applications

The HMFH College and Career Planning program is intended to provide a starting point for those foster children seeking information about various colleges and getting started with career planning. If you are interested in volunteering, presenting a workshop, or giving a tour of your college or speaking to foster children about your career, don’t hesitate to visit us online or give us a call. We’d love your support.

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