Clothing Depot 

Clothing Depot 

Foster children have on average three different foster care placements. Besides these frequent moves in and out of the homes of strangers being profoundly unsettling for children, for many it means not staying long enough to receive anything new or losing most of the clothing and personal belongings they’ve acquired. Clothing is one of life’s necessities. No child wants to wear their poverty or their lack of a home to school. For many foster children, attending school in the same or dirty clothes is painful and eventually many drop out. 


Others attend irregularly, or never enroll because foster parents can’t afford even the most basic items of school apparel.HMFH provides new and/or like-new school clothes several times a year to foster children from impoverished circumstances. By providing foster children with necessary items, clothing and other essentials, we improve school attendance, build confidence, promote responsibility and enhance self-esteem.


The clothing distributed by is suitable for school and social use. We provide foster children with appropriate, comfortable and well-fitting school uniforms and other attire appropriate for school to help children remain in the classroom. With your help, each foster child will receive a full week’s supply of new school clothing and a personal grooming kit containing soap, brush and comb, toothbrush, and toothpaste. 


Few foster care non-profits can or meet the complete clothing needs of the children in foster system with the minimal amount the state provides as a clothing allowance. Clothes encourage children to attend school on a regular basis and concentrate on what they are learning, and feel that they fit in with their peers, so they may pay attention to learning and not what they are wearing.  


For many foster children, Help Mates for Hope Clothing Depot offers the first time they’ve ever received new clothes; the first time they’ve worn a pair of shoes that fit properly; the first time they’ve ever owned new underwear or their own grooming supplies. HMFH Clothing Depot gives foster children a sense of well-being. Your donation will help them feel that someone really cares. Donate today! You can help us clothe the most vulnerable children in our community. Call or visit us online to donate today! It will be the most rewarding investment you’ll ever make. Help clothe a foster child. It takes a village.

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