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There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul

than the way in which it treats its children.

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Help Mates for Hope is a nonprofit organization committed to filling the gaps in a foster child’s life. The gaps for a foster child could range from clothing to toys to extracurricular activities to learning/education to role models to experiences to memories.

Little Wishes & Summer Camp

Big dreams start with “Little Wishes.” All children wish upon a star in hopes that one day their dreams may come true. Unfortunately, for many foster children, those that make dreams come true aren’t always the people a part of their lives. 

College & Career Planning

The HMFH College and Career Planning program is intended to provide a starting point for those foster children seeking information about various colleges and getting started with career planning.

Few foster care non-profits can or meet the complete clothing needs of the children in foster system with the minimal amount the state provides as a clothing allowance. Clothes encourage children to attend school on a regular basis and concentrate on what they are learning, and feel that they fit in with their peers, so they may pay attention to learning and not what they are wearing.  

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Tutoring & Mentoring 

Foster children are, on average, two years behind their peers academically.  Retaining facts is a difficult enough task; now imagine frequently changing schools, classrooms, and curriculums.  HMFH intends to fill that education gap for foster children at the Help Mates for Hope Learning Center, which offers an after school learning program that provides a safe and consistent place for students.   

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Adoption means a “forever home” for a child who has been permanently removed from his or her home and resides in foster, relative, or non-relative care.

 We guarantee the excitement of building friendships, creating experiences, making memories, and accumulating assets foster children will possess for a lifetime.

Our vision is to give foster care children the opportunity to meet people that will become lifelong friends and to have a safe place to grow into a caring and considerate citizen in this constantly changing world.

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