A Place to Call Home

Help Mates for Hope provides affordable living for our clients. Providing housing for our clients gives them a sense of belonging and place to call their own. Living on the streets is dangerous and no place to call a home. 


We want to help our clients by providing them a place to live in the hopes of them transitioning into permanent housing. We aspire to eradicate homelessness by accommodating men and women in our homes! 

There Is a Home for the Home less 

As of 2017, 58,790 homeless people were accounted for in Los Angeles. The number is staggering, yet still on the rise. With Help Mates for Hope there is a home for the homeless. We aim to combat this epidemic one house at a time. 


Our various housing services programs include housing for men and women age 18 -70, families, and veterans. Stay at a resident can range from a couple of months to a couple of years. Our transitional housing serves as an aid to support people to get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Hope For The Future 

One of our organization’s goal is to help our clients hone in on the issues contributing to their homelessness and finding solutions to circumvent them from regressing back to those contributing factors. Help Mates for Hope strives to give our clients hope for the future. 


Clients are taught self -sufficiency skills, such as the importance of finances, chores, and hygiene that will prepare them for independent, permanent living. Our objective is to make the transition from transitional housing to permanent housing as smooth as possible for our clients.

Supportive Housing Programs

Our supportive housing programs serve many people, promoting community integration, greater independence and well -being for people transitioning from homelessness or institutionalization.


Help Mates for Hope creates and provides cost -effective, individualized housing planning services to young people aging out of foster care, mothers and children, families, seniors, and homeless veterans. We offer a clean, safe environment with security camera on and around the premises, Wi-Fi, and on -site washer and dryer

Help Mates For Hope

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