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Welcome to Help Mates For Hope


Help Mates for Hope is a nonprofit organization committed to filling the gaps in a foster child’s life. The gaps for a foster child could range from clothing to toys to extracurricular activities to learning/education to role models to experiences to memories.
Most foster children live in an uncertain world where they are constantly losing their sense of identity and purpose moving from home to home leaving behind family, friends, teachers, schools, clothes, shoes, toys, and personal belongings just to arrive at the next home with merely a plastic bag of lackluster possessions.

Here at HMFH, we offer the programs foster care children desire to provide the stability and permanence their lives need. We guarantee the excitement of building friendships, creating experiences, making memories, and accumulating assets foster children will possess for a lifetime.

Organization Goal

Help Mates for Hope’s goal is to offer seven core programs that very few foster care agencies address: tutoring, college and career planning, experiential learning, clothing depot, mentoring, "Little Wishes," and HMFH Summer Camp.

Every child needs family and friends. Every child needs someone to look up to.

Every child needs things they can call their own.

Every child needs the chance to compete in today’s society.

Every child needs a village.

Our vision is to give foster care children the opportunity to meet people that will become lifelong friends, to have experiences that will become the memories of a lifetime, and to have a safe place to grow into a caring and considerate citizen in this constantly changing world.

Filling those gaps described above requires charity. Help Mates for Hope is committed to finding donators to help us build that village for foster care children. With seasonal, social, and event fundraising, HMFH is always on the move to produce funds to maintain our seven core programs that help fill the gaps, but there is always a need for more.

We are open to developing community partnerships with local businesses, hospitals, community services, and government organizations. No amount is too small and no help is too minimal. We gladly accept donations in any amount and volunteers from every walk of life.

If your wish is similar to ours, we can work together. Help Mates for Hope is an IRS (c) (3) organization and all contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. We are committed to being responsible stewards of donated funds and monies received directly to support our programs.
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